“Be cognitive, capable and responsible” and comprehensively set off for a new climax of project construction


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On the morning of May 25, Field Dispatch Meeting for Leiyang Key Project Construction was convened. Lai Xinzheng, the Deputy Secretary of Hengyang Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Leiyang Municipal Party Committee, stressed that enterprises should deeply carry out the economic thought of Xi Jinping and the spirit of important speech and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping for Hunan Province, plan epidemic prevention & control as well as economic and social development as a whole, comprehensively set off for a new climax of project construction, stress problem orientation, goal orientation and effect orientation, report situations daily, attach importance to scheduling weekly, solve every problem practically, ensure that half schedule and task goals were achieved and take actions actively for achieving the annual goal successfully. The Vice Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Yin Lixin presided over the meeting. 

Before the meeting, Lai Xinzheng and his fellows investigated Hunan Vanguard New Material, Keyking Recycling Technology and Jinlong Renewable Metal in Circular Economy Industry Park. The field inspection and study enhanced the confidence and determination of the whole city to manage projects vigorously and promoted the cohesion and drive to manage projects well. 



Lai Xinzheng pointed out that enterprises should be cognitive and improve the understanding of managing projects. We should be aware of the good prospect as well as the severe situation and also the competition, keep a clear mind, learn about achievements and problems, and manage projects with a higher political stance, stronger responsibilities, more qualified work styles and more practical work measures to provide forceful supports for high-quality economic development of Leiyang and inject strong power for accelerating economic transformation. We should be more capable of managing projects. We should keep strengthening the sense of responsibility, the sense of worry and the sense of urgency, strengthening the initiative and creativity and improving the executive force. We should introduce investment and projects, establish projects according to policies, win investment by seizing opportunities and attract investment by closing following the industry layout of “211+X” in planning big projects; inspire the initiative in project construction, investigate responsibilities to accelerate the start of projects, implement projects in progress according to drawings and the schedule, follow up delivery of completed projects to promote such projects to be put into operation; guarantee the provision of excellent service, continuously optimize the business environment, strive to build a strong park platform, comprehensively strengthen element support, strictly implement policies on benefiting enterprises when strengthening project guarantee to ensure that projects are implemented and gain investment properly and transform investment assurance and attraction achievements into development achievements. We should make more efforts to manage projects and take responsibilities. We should strengthen responsibility shouldering, dare to face challenges, dare to “fight for projects”, get familiar with business, implement responsibilities, provide service actively and solve problems; improve efficiency, strengthen project construction management in full cycle, full process and around the clock and accelerate the working pace to improve the working efficiency and guarantee that project construction tasks are completed on time; clarify rewarding and punishing, strengthen supervision and efficiency investigation, and create with a distinct employment orientation the pragmatic entrepreneurship atmosphere of being diligent, responsible and wholehearted in managing industry projects. 



Yin Lixin requested that We should improve the stance, and give priority to solving project issues; make every effort to handle matters of enterprises; perform supervision strictly and manage investment assurance as a key issue. 

On the meeting, the principal responsible persons of relevant units delivered typical or declaration speeches on construction of key project; the municipal leader Zhou Feitong reported the construction situation of municipal key projects.



Guo Songqing, Gong Zhigui, Li Yun, Liu Chunhui, Wang Zhiyun, Yin Jianheng, Xie Dongping, Guo Xicao and all the other municipal leaders in the office attended the meeting. (Correspondent: Chen Zhijian  Reporters: Yuan Chenglong, Cao Furong, Zeng Zhiming)