[Keyking Recycling] won the Recycling Award of the “High-quality Lithium Battery Golden Ball Award” and its lithium recycling achievements were recognized by the industry experts


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On November 16, 2022, 2022 High-quality Lithium Battery Annual Conference was successfully concluded in JW Marriott Hotel in Qianhai Zone, Shenzhen. The theme of this conference was “Chinese New Forces Lead the World”. Upstream and downstream leading enterprises in the new energy vehicle lithium battery industry chain attended this conference and discussed some topics like the current global strategic layout of new energy power battery industry chain, industry scale upgrading, technological innovation and iteration, etc. As the representative of excellent enterprises in this industry, Keyking Recycling was invited to attend this conference, promoted the high-quality development of the industry by virtue of technological innovation according to the ideology of “finite resources and infinite circulation”, and performed the Last Kilometer of new energy vehicle industry to form an industry loop. 



In the tense and fierce High-quality Lithium Battery Golden Ball Award selection link, Keyking Recycling stood out in the attention of multiple experts and enterprises. Keyking Recycling won the title of “Upstream and Renewable Resource Enterprise” relying on its outstanding performance as the world first enterprise that realized lithium resource recycling industrialization and large-scale development. 



“Keyking” leads the “lithium” resource recycling development! As the pioneer and leading enterprise in the lithium battery recycling field, Keyking Recycling under the leadership of the doctor team of Central South University conducted in-depth market demand investigation, took innovation and creation as its mission and realized industrialization and large-scale development of lithium resource recycling, which was groundbreaking; since its foundation, Keyking Recycling has adhered to the great vision of “Stronger Keyking for Less Pollution”. This annual conference was recognized in this industry. Keyking people will cherish this honor, shoulder responsibilities and continue the great journey of “peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality”.