Corporate Culture

We are cleaners in lithium battery industry


Corporate Culture

Guideline: “sincere and quality based”;
Business philosophy: “cooperation for mutual benefits and a win-win situation”;
Survival basis: “increase income and reduce expenditure and seek for steady development”;Development strategy: “Be pragmatic and innovative and advance with the times”.



Create more environment-friendly and green spaces for work and life for human beings;

Closely follow up the world technology development trend and provide human beings with technology-based green and safe spaces.

Make customers safer and more relaxed and more advanced to access more users;

Make suppliers more stable and profitable and cooperate with them for a long term to have a good reputation among suppliers;

Make employees more fair, more enterprising and happier to have a good reputation among their relatives and friends.



Green energy has been trusted by people around the world;

Keyking creates green energy with technologies to protect the environment and benefit future generations.

Our employees shoulder the mission and adhere to our business philosophy for the environment-friendly and safe space as well as civilized and happy work of human beings.