Leiyang City: circulation industry promotes green development


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Focus on nonferrous metals integrated utilization projects 

Leiyang City: circulation industry promotes green development 

News of Hunan Daily on March 6 (all-media reporter: Xu Derong, Correspondent: Xie Xinde, Lu Jian) On March 3, Keyking Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. in Leiyang Dashi Circulation Industry Park was so busy. Workers were lifting bags of lithium raw materials onto the truck for Guangdong. Keyking Company located in Leiyang in 2016. This is a new enterprise specialized in recycling of wasted batteries, power batteries and lithium contained scrap materials as well as lithium ion battery material R&D and production. It can handle 100,000t wasted batteries and scrap materials and 8,200t primary lithium salt annually. Its annual output is over RMB 300 million. It has become the “bellwether” of circulation industry development in Leiyang. 



Leiyang City accelerates the green development pace, leads enterprises to increase investment into technological transformation, promotes clean production, energy conservation and emission reduction and establishes a sound evaluation index system, so its circulation industry is developing prosperously. At present, there are more than 10 recycling enterprises and green factories in the industry park in Leiyang City. 

To accelerate and expand the circulation industry and promote green development, Leiyang City focuses on nonferrous metals integrated utilization projects. Two recycling enterprises have been put into operation in Leiyang City, including Yanxin Nonferrous Metals and Keyking Recycling. Vanguard New Material and Jinlong Renewable Metal are in fast construction. The newly signed projects (CNNC Tantalum & Niobium and Fenglong Environmental Protection) with a total investment amont of RMB 570 million will start construction soon. In Addition, projects like Yanxin Environmental Protection, Wangsheng Renewable Resources, Haichen Environmental Protection and Fuxing Environmental Proteciton are in the process of negotiation. 



Yanxin Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. mainly engages in disposal and recycling of kinds of smelting slag and arsenic contained waste materials. The person in charge of the Company introduced that they possess 29 invention patents, 68 utility model patents and 7 PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) international invention patents. Relying on such technologies, the Company recycled and disposed 120,000t smelting slags last year, involving an output value of RMB 310 million. The Company's production capacity and output value increase twofold. The Company has become a big industrial taxpayer in Leiyang City. 

At the end of last year, four projects of Leiyang City were included in the list of the Second Batch of Industrial Solid Waste Integrated Utilization Demonstration Project Creation Program released by the Industry and Information Technology Department of Hunan Province. In the meanwhile, four projects of Leiyang City were included in the List of Provincial Key Energy-saving and Environment-friendly Key Enterprises in Nonferrous Metal Integrated Utilization, accounting for half of those of Hengyang City included in the list.