Social responsibility


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To promote sustainable development of the Company and the society, Keyking Recycling attaches much importance to its social responsibility and fulfills its social responsibility in practical business operation. While maintaining long-term and stable business growth, the Company provides trustworthy and environment-friendly return for the society. The Company devotes itself to common development of the corporate responsibility and business operation and converts its social responsibility into the drive for business development. Keyking Recycling works with domestic and overseas enterprises in the same industry to seek for common development and makes contributions to the recycling of wasted batteries and development of battery materials in China and the world. We deeply believe: Stronger Keyking for Less Pollution! 


Environmental protection

Keyking Recycling has always devoted itself to recycling of wasted batteries and R&D of battery materials to turn waste into wealth to provide raw materials for clean energy and promote environment conservation and emission reduction, actively responds to domestic and overseas policies on the climate change, advocates energy conservation and emission reduction and gives priority to clean fuels as the main energy for factory production and operation to promote coordinative and balanced development of the economic effectiveness and the environment benefit. 

As a resource recycling company, the Company takes environmental protection, maintenance of a harmonious nature as the mission and run a business strictly according to applicable environment laws and regulations. At the initial stage of the project, the Company performed strict environment evaluation, performed a large amount of analysis on the possible influence of the project on the environment, performed analysis on the possible influence on the environment on the construction site, put forward protection measures, made environment management and monitoring plans and prepared environmental protection investment budget to realize a win-win situation of resource recycling and ecological environmental protection. At the operation stage of the project, the Company deeply implemented the energy conservation and environmental protection concept and took measures to strengthen environmental protection management at the operation stage. 



Safety production 

Keyking Recycling has always taken production safety as the basis of its development and put safety production in the first place. The Company continuously improves the equipment stability management standards, strengthens technological innovation, equipment inspection and maintenance and strengthens overall operation management. In addition, the Company continues to strengthen safety evaluation with the help of the quality tracking mechanism. In terms of safety production, the Company formulates and strictly executes internal regulations and systems regarding infrastructure, production and training and manages safety as an important link in its production and operation.